3 Tips To Supercharge Your Style

Unsure of how to style your newly bought Jewelry? Styling jewelry is all about matching the aesthetic of the look you have. Branching out of your comfort zone with fashion is always fun, there are many different styles, lengths, shapes, colors and prints. Finding a piece to go alongside your wardrobe is the finishing touch you always need. Down below are different ways that your jewelry can go hand-in-hand with the style you choose to wear.

1. Jewelry to match the occasion  

Dangling and heavy jewelry doesn’t go well when typing on a keyboard now does it? So why not find simplistic bracelets, rings and a necklace to go with the occasion of office attire. Your choice of jewelry may not be the same choice for every occasion, for example. The club, church, wedding, etc. Styling to match the occasion should always go hand in hand with the placement, time and season of the occasion.

2. Matching Jewelry with patterns

Just like styling any type of fashion you always want to match. Matching your jewelry with the pattern of your clothes goes hand in hand with the colors and designs you have chosen for your outfit. Every outfit is complete with a set of nice jewelry.

3. Complimentary Colors

Gold, Black and white are complimentary colors and can be styled alongside most of the outfits you choose to wear. Just like matching the color scheme of your clothes you should be matching your jewelry scheme as well. A simple idea such as a plain black outfit could tie nicely with your gold jewelry.

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