Fighting For Change

It’s 2020, and as we all know the world isn’t in the best shape. A huge part of that is the leader of the states, enabling the absurd amount of racists online and in the streets. 

Police brutality is at the centre of the horror, seeing black families torn apart by ignorant tyrants, and then hated by trumps America. The simplicity of it is the worst part, people are mad at black people for wanting to not be shot going to work or school, innocently. Why? I will never understand why, what hatred goes through someone’s head where they don’t care about another life, even worse because of a skin colour. 

Zileni donates 25% of all profits to BLM movements, and encourages every other brand to do the same. I hope this fight does not stop despite the unbearable amount of racists that feel so comfortable online, and even in person. One day no matter how long it takes it will be right, and hopefully justice can be served to those who contributed to these events and stood in the way. 

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