Finding A Ring That Suits You

Wether you are thinking of buying your first ring or have 15, maybe you want one that sits just right for you. Nowadays there is around 5 trillion different styles and it can be confusing trying to look, I’ll try to make it a bit easier. 

There’s a few different categories when it comes to rings now, modern, experimental, custom, luxury, etc... so you can start by asking yourself what kind stands out to you. Luxury brands are more expensive, maybe even wedding rings or bands, I won’t dive into that as those can be known as huge brands like Tiffany & Co. Custom rings are a bit more expensive but can be quite incredible, I’ll refer some amazing Instagram accounts with super user-friendly websites that will match these categories and the first is @Rebelger. They make amazing rings that will match any custom interest, from cards to claws. Moving over to experimental, @Vitaly is my absolute favourite for interesting designs. They’re rings hold futuristic vibes that can really be seen in the photo shoots. For modern rings and jewelry, @Zileni.Official holds a collection of bold trendy looks, they ship insanely fast and have great prices, and love giving away gift cards.

With your categories in mind, it may be a bit easier to start your search. Knowing your style really comes from what you like, so taking a look at a few of these brands could give you your answer pretty easily, and I doubt you’ll be disappointed with any of them!  

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