How To Avoid Buying Cheap Jewelry

I recently bought an octopus styled ring from some Instagram shop because it was on sale, and I was pretty hyped. It was about thirty dollars or so, which is around the price you can't really tell if it will last or not. Three months later I get the ring, yes three, and it’s already faded. I figure oh well, at least it’s here now and has a worn look to it. First day goes by and I take it off to shower, that’s when I notice the giant green line left where the ring was. I really hate when that happens, and for some reason it keeps happening each time you wear it.

That’s the difference between cheap metal and either stainless steel or higher qualities, they won’t leave any marks. You can easily tell as the better qualities leave nothing behind whereas the cheap ones leave a bold, moldy look... it's not pleasant, and makes you never wanna wear it again. Another huge advantage to the higher quality materials is you can shower with them, which is what I enjoy doing because I'm lazy. Showering with cheap material will cause it to fade and rust up quickly, which is another ring killer. 

It's almost impossible to tell exactly who sells what kind of materials, but it is a good idea to either research or ask the companies before purchasing, I promise it's worth it. The last thing you want is green hands !

After I got that ring and threw it out, I decided to make my own brand so I could get jewelry I love with awesome quality. With mine, you can shower with it and it definitely wont leave marks, as that defeats the purpose of my goals. 

Send me a message at to ask any questions !! I love getting to know customers.

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