How To Avoid Green Skin

Green skin from jewelry is the most annoying thing ever, it looks super weird and is hard to wash off. Even worse, you paid money for something that just turns your skin a different colour...

If you don’t already know, Copper is the culprit for this. Many cheap jewelry brands use copper and this material fades and is known for that stingy moss look. The reason companies use this is, well basically just laziness, it is extremely easy in 2020 to find good suppliers that provide high quality products. If a company isn’t using at LEAST stainless steel, they can hit the road. Stainless steel and higher qualities won’t leave oxidizing stains on your skin, and most of the time you can even shower with them on without them fading, depending on designs and layers of paint. 

There is no super easy way to tell what materials are used if the companies don’t say so, but there’s precautions you can take to get away safe. The biggest one is, make sure they have a refund policy!!! If they don’t, then you aren’t getting your money back anytime soon for your green fingers... If they have “money back guarantee” or “refund friendly” in the bio, or on the website, then it’s a pretty safe bet. This way, if you end up with a bad piece or even a piece you dislike, you can most likely get your money back. Other ways of telling bad from good include website design, cost, and social media. If the website has a nice clean, up to date design they are probably active and healthy, and if the costs are anywhere above average then you should be expecting better quality products. This being said, a lot of places overprice products too, just kind of eyeball this one. Lastly, checking the social media of the brand is a great way to check if they are real or not, if they post consistently, have engagement, and produce good content instead of just push products, they are probably a trusted site. 

These are a few simple ways to avoid buying jewelry that will disappoint you altogether, whether it’s men’s jewelry or women’s fashion, there’s always cheap quality lurking online so it’s best to do a tiny bit of research first!

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