Keeping Your Jewelry Safe

Tips and Tricks: Jewelry Care

Nobody wants to spend a larger amount of money on anything and have it go down the drain by not caring for it, right? Below are some tips and tricks on how to properly care for your jewelry!


Strange isn’t it? Most people don’t think to actually clean their jewelry, jewelry is just like any other ordinary thing, it will get dirty, it will get rusty and if it will get slightly damaged with everyday movement. Cleaning and washing your jewelry allows you to have freshly cleaned jewelry like brand new! A go to at home cleanse for your jewelry is the following: a bowl with aluminum foil, salt, baking soda and detergent, add hot water and let jewelry sit for 10 minutes. Finish off by gently scrubbing with an old toothbrush and patting dry with a towel!


Making sure you store your jewelry somewhere safe after wearing it can prevent you from miss-placing, tangling and damaging your jewelry! Making sure you keep your jewelry somewhere like a jewelry box, a drawer, or on a flat surface. The safety of your jewelry will go a long way in keeping your jewelry new!


Heat and light are damaging to our eyes and skin, they are also very damaging to our everyday jewelry we choose to wear. The heat and sun overtime can affect our jewelry in ways like; fading and damage. Key tip to remember is each piece of jewelry will be affected in different ways as they are all of different jewels, colours, diamonds and material.


Exposing your jewelry to chemicals can damage or take away the colouring of your jewelry. You may not realize it but your everyday products such as perfumes, cologne, lotion or other cosmetic care you use may contain strong chemicals that are highly damaging to your jewelry. Swimming pools as we all know contain many chemicals, removing any jewelry prior to getting into a pool is a MUST!

Think of your jewelry as your children! Always protect and care for something that is valuable to you, jewelry is not always cheap and it is not always replaceable so take these extra measures to ensure you have your jewelry lasting as long as possible!

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