Our Story

Welcome! My name is Seth and I am a 20 year old college student who currently resides in Toronto, Ontario! I’d like to share my story with you so you can know me personally and maybe feel like you know me all while browsing my site. Jewelry has always been a keen item in my everyday style, I have been buying jewelry for a while now from many different sites and places which lead me to my love for it. When buying the 15th piece of jewelry that not ONLY took months to get to me but ruined my skin or broke I decided I didn’t want that for myself nor any other jewelry buyers out there! There are not many trendy and unique jewelry stores that are local, you don’t see many places you can physically go buy jewelry, most of the stores are high end and somehow only have to do with romantic occasions.
Now that you know the background of why I have created Zileni, here is the story of me. 2020 has been nothing short of an upsetting for the whole world as a whole. Earlier this year I had been diagnosed with something upsetting that took my life for a turn. The year also held a very emotionally draining breakup for myself that slowed the start of my year for me. While I was going through everything, self loathing, feeling bad for myself and so on and so forth. I had been thinking to myself about where I can buy new jewelry, it has always been something that makes me feel better and more confident. My ideas for a website came to me so quickly, fast shipping, perfect unique styles, quality and providing something for every non lover or lover of jewelry. Before Zileni I even had a prior project that I had created, unfortunately I just wasn’t getting to where I wanted with that one but knew that it wasn’t time to give up but it was time to try again with something even better. I know I love and admire this project with all my heart, and will strive to bring only the best to every customer. Remember that you are the controller of your life and if you want something and YOU see the potential, who is to say your dreams aren’t achievable?

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